Suzuki Motors

UX & User Research

How will Gen Z drive and commute in the future?


Olark Chat

User Interface & Experience

How can a remote company give better feedback?



Product Management & Design

Create a horoscope chatbot that matters to people


Elemeno Health

User Interface & Experience

How can nurses get relevant information fast?


My Design 


Why I am interested in design:

I feel there is a large community that is not represented in design, whether that be the actual designers themselves or the communities that are being focused on and researched on. I have a flame in me to bring representation to communities that have been "forgotten" due to lack of financial incentive.

What I want to do:

I am still figuring exactly that, but I do know that I want to work in tech to help marginalized communities be more visible in the designing and testing of products.

Things that inspire me:

Queer and Trans folks modes of expression - voguing and fashion

My culture, I am Salvadoran and I often reference my heritage and culture as sources of strength and inspiration.